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Remote Project Management; Tips to Manage Successful Remote Project Teams

Remote Project Management – Tips to Manage Successful Remote Project Teams

Remote work is increasingly becoming the norm rather than an exception. We have the Covid-19 pandemic to thank for speeding up a shift to the remote that was already afoot.

Here are three statistics about remote work to illustrate the scale of the transformation:

  • 69 percent of companies already allow remote work.
  • 16 percent of companies have gone fully remote.
  • Over 99 percent of employees want to work remotely at least once in their careers.

Organizations are increasingly embracing remote work because it allows them to hire talent without any location constraints and lets them save money on company infrastructure.

But implementing a remote work strategy in project management is not as easy as embracing it. Project managers, in particular, have their tasks cut out in ensuring remote work happens glitch-free.

  • Managers need to understand how remote work is done.
  • They need to study the challenges associated with remote work.
  • They need to identify the right project management tool for their team.
  • Finally, it’s the managers who need to guide and support team members working remotely.

With this caveat out of the way, it’s time to get into the nuts and bolts of remote project management.

Table of contents

  • What is a remote project team?
  • Types of remote teams in a project
  • Advantages of working as a remote team
  • Challenges faced in remote project management
  • 4 Tips to Manage a remote project team?
  • How Kissflow Project helps you manage remote teams
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