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Дословный перевод молитвы Отче Наш

Дословный перевод молитвы Отче Наш

Дословный перевод молитвы Отче Наш с арамейского языка, прочитайте и почувствуйте разницу:

Аминь. Пусть наши следующие действия произрастают отсюда.

Ameyn – проявление воли, утверждение, приношение клятвы. Вселяет силу и дух во всё созданное

The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic. The Native Language of Jesus Christ as spoken and translated by Neil Douglas-Klotz — Music by Ashana.

I was so inspired to combined both song and prayer into one. I don’t own the copyright. Thanks to Ashana and Neil Douglas-Klotz. Lyrics below:

Abwoon d’bwashmaya (The Lord’s Prayer in the original Aramaic)

«In researching translations of the original Aramaic, I found discovered a teaching by Dr. Rocco Errico (www.noohra.com), an Aramaic scholar, who explains that the word «abwoon» is actually a term of endearment used by both men and women, and that rather than the word «father» a more accurate translation would be «beloved.» — Ashana

The following translation/poetic rendering of the Lord’s Prayer is by Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz, and is one of my favorites.

Abwoon d’bwashmaya
Nethqadash shmakh
Teytey malkuthakh
Nehwey sebyanach aykanna d’bwashmaya aph b’arha.
Habwlan lachma d’sunqanan yaomana.
Washboqlan khaubayn (wakhtahayn) aykana daph khnan shbwoqan l’khayyabayn.
Wela tahlan l’nesyuna
Ela patzan min bisha.
Metol dilakhie malkutha wahayla wateshbukhta l’ahlam almin.

O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos/ you create all that moves in light.
Focus your light within us—make it useful: as the rays of a beacon show the way.
Create your reign of unity now—through our fiery hearts and willing hands.
Your one desire then acts with ours, as in all light, so in all forms.
Grant what we need each day in bread and insight: subsistence for the call of growing life.
Loose the cords of mistakes binding us, as we release the strands we hold of others’ guilt.
Don’t let us enter forgetfulness
But free us from unripeness
From you is born all ruling will, the power and the life to do, the song that beautifies all, from age to age it renews.
Truly—power to these statements—may they be the source from which all my actions grow.
Sealed in trust & faith. Amen.

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Transliteration and original translation of The Aramaic Lord’s Prayer by Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz from the Peshitta (Syriac-Aramaic) version of Matthew 6:9-13 & Luke 11:2-4 reprinted from Prayers of the Cosmos: Meditations on the Aramaic Words of Jesus (Harper Collins, 1990), © 1990, used with permission.

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